Every day thousands of citizens around the world go to court without a legal representative. We are building a conversational platform that helps self representing litigants to navigate through the legal procedures by themselves

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A sneak preview on the product

How it works

We are working with leading law firms, social agencies and legal aid providers to build the first global technology platform for self representing litigants. Whether you’re a pro bono counsel, a legal service organization or a lawyer who wants to use their skills and experience in helping other litigants. We are here to help you do more and better pro bono.


Step one

We collaborate with legal professionals to build workflows and chat bots for legal procedures


Step two

Litigants use the workflows/chat bots relevant for their legal issue


Step three

Litigants can reach out to lawyers on coaching for court appearances, document review and other services

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If you are a social agency, lawyer, judge or court room staff passionate about leveraging technology to improve access to justice, please share your email contact to us below

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How much does this cost the litigant?

Nil. We are building a platform for free and transparent legal information. We do not charge anything for litigants

How much does this cost the pro-bono lawyer?

No charge. We are focusing on collaborating with individuals and small firm lawyers who are interested in rendering Pro-Bono services. We will not be charging for using the platform to provide legal aid services.

What's in it for a self representing litigant?

A platform for self representing litigants to better understand their legal situations, the procedures and documents required for their legal process

What's in it for the lawyers?

Ability to deliver and impact a larger number of litigants leveraging technology and saving valuable time

What about cost for legal aid institutions?

For organizations and institutions, please reach out to us directly

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